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Indulge in Price Transparency –Don’t Drive the Medical Tourists Away!

Medical Tourism Transparency Price

Indulge in Price Transparency –Don’t Drive the Medical Tourists Away!

Michelle had planned everything to visit Mexico for dental implants. She was extremely happy to get the treatment in a good clinic at a low price. When she reached the clinic, she was infuriated with the ‘additional charges’ that were not clearly mentioned while booking the procedure. Guess what? Michelle is not the only one. Thousands of medical tourists feel ripped off because prices are not really transparent.

What Price Transparency Actually Means to the Patients?

Many providers claim that they are transparent in terms of costs. But what they mean by “transparency” may not be exactly the same thing the patients mean. So, what exactly transparency means? It is the price you see is the price you pay.

Price transparency to a patient means that he/she knows the cost of the treatment along with the other associated expenses related to the healthcare trip before approving their credit card to be charged. Some of the key factors of price transparency would be:

  • No Hidden Costs- Prices must be clearly stated with no hidden charges
  • Upgraded Quality- If the upgraded quality like the use of technologically advanced tools influences the treatment cost, then it must be informed to the patients.
  • Comparison- Same procedure by different providers can be compared for better price transparency.

How to Integrate Price Transparency?

Medical tourists look for easy price transparency. They are not interested to spend a lot of time by going through different websites to compare the prices offered by different providers. Thus, it is important to integrate transparency smartly like:

  • The base price of the treatment must include all the unavoidable costs
  • The advertised price must include the variable costs (if any)
  • Let the patients pre-check the optional procedures along with the main treatment

Proper price transparency will streamline for better patient satisfaction.  At PlacidWay, we root for transparency as it builds trust and gives power to the medical tourists to decide how they would like to get treated.

If you want to learn more about transparency in the medical tourism industry, feel free to contact us:

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