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Branding Brochure & Marketing Material Development

Branding and Marketing Material Development - PlacidSolutions Marketing Services

Did you know that your marketing material is important for highlighting your brand?

It helps people to recognise you everywhere!

With the right Marketing Material you will get the recognition and positioning in the market you’re looking for!

Why to Create Branding and Marketing Materials Make Sense?

Why it makes sense?

Corporate identity for your business is one of the most important things whether you are showing your brand to the public for the first time or you’re looking for increasing brand awareness in the market place.

Since Branding is such a crucial step in order to achieve success in any marketing campaign, at PlacidSolutions we are aiming to provide with these services to your Medical Tourism Company.

With our Branding and Marketing Material Development Services every single piece of material in hands of your customers carries your company’s image and reinforces your message!

Our Branding Packages - Placid Solutions - Online Marketing Services Company

Branding Essentials 

  • Logo design (or redesign the old one to provide a new image/online presence)
  • Letterhead,
  • Envelope,
  • Business card, 
  • Brochure (2 pages) (explaining the basic company’s info, based in your identity)


Full Branding Services 

  • Logo design (or redesign the old one to provide a new image/online presence) 
  • Letterhead, envelope, folder and business card design
  • Brochure (2 pages) (explaining the basic company’s info, mostly based in their identity, what they do, what they believe in, etc.)
  • Promotional postcard, (optional)
  • Flyer,
  • Greeting card (a Thank you card / Christmas card or both)
  • Customization of Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)


Note: All Materials will have with your logo and new corporate colors.

Branding and Marketing Material - Medical Tourism Marketing Company

Our Marketing Material Development Services include the following:

Brochures Development

Brochures to reflect specific audience
Clear reflection of  corporate brand and emotional touch
Customer Centric Brochures
Channel Partner Specific Brochures
Treatment Specific Brochures

Stories and Case Studies Creation

Patient success stories
Video testimonials integrated with the content
Target audience/persona based case studies

PR Strategy

Develop a comprehensive Public Relation strategy
Online press release distribution
Journalist relations inviting them to experience the work that is being done at the clinic
Special event marketing, new products, relationships, new market announcements

Other Media Marketing Services

Newspaper Marketing
Community Marketing Trade Magazines

Methods to engage in local communities to generate patient referral
Communities are Churches, Addiction Support Groups, Awareness Sponsored Events

Trade Shows

We’ll develop the right Marketing Material for you!

Developing Marketing Materials for Medical Tourism Company

PlacidSolutions Team will help your brand shine once again!

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