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Visual Marketing Strategies

Visual Marketing Strategies - PlacidSolutions Marketing Services

Regardless of the product or service you are trying to market, all the factors have to come into play and now you can immerse the user or reader in a visual experience, right in your website.

Our Key Visual Marketing Strategies - PlacidSolutions

This is why PlacidSolutions’ Visual Marketing Strategies applies visual story telling as part of their key marketing strategies.

Visual Stories than Readers Remember - PlacidSolutions Visual Strategies

When it comes to visual story telling, it’s not just about the right image but how the image and text work together in order to make the information presented stick in the mind of the reader.

In Visual Marketing we can create your brand particular story thanks to the use of:

Design Elements


Graphics and Photos

Your Brand (logo)

Why Visual Marketing Makes Sense? 


65% of people are visual learners

Visual Learners - PlacidSolutions

Humans attention span is less than 30 seconds
Visuals are processed faster than words
Our Brains are specifically designed to process visual data
Visual Content makes it easy to learn and are easily remembered
Graphics are 30% more likely to be read than an article
The amount of information we receive now is higher than in past time
Visuals are more likely to be shared in social media
Visual stories help people to digests large amounts of data, and remember it.

Create and Market your story - PlacidSolutions Visual Marketing Strategies

We’ll help you find the right way of visually communicating with your specific audience and engage them. Let’s create your own story, and market it!
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