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Structured System Administrators – PlacidSolutions Technology Partner

Structured System Administrators - PlacidSolutions Marketing Services

Tired of issues with your server?

Is your site down constantly?

Is your site slow when loading for no reason?

Is your site not fully functional?

Or… simply looking for a group of professional people who take care of your System 24/7?


Well, no matter what issues you may have…

System Administration Services - PlaciSolutions We are your People


At PlacidSolutions you will find some peace of mind, you can be sure your website is on capable hands!

Our PlacidSolutions Technology Partner is full of professional System Administrators who are willing to tackle all problems until they are fixed.

We are methodical, organized, and efficient; overall we can provide you with a customized solution specially designed for you, there is no problem we cannot solve!

Why it makes sense to hire us as System Administrators - PlacidSolutions

Why it makes sense to hire us as System Admistrators?

  • Because so far, we have been able to fix all problems we have found with all our customers,
  • Because we use a systematic approach to solve all problems,
  • Because we have the expertise you need,
  • Because you want a group of people capable, experienced and fast,
  • Because you can get 24/7 human support for diagnosing and resolving your problems,
  • Because you deserve a skilled person for taking care of your site and systems,
  • Because, we’ll work hard for your customers not to notice if any problems take place,

Because you can get all of this along with a great group of people instead of only one person and still maintain your budget!!


Our Services System Administration - PlacidSolutions - Marketing Solutions

 Our services as System Administrators are the following:

Server Monitoring:

  • Checking server and the website are working
  • Make sure the server is not “overwhelmed”
  • Track server logs and watch for file system changes to prevent possible security compromises or intrusions
  • 24/7/365 access to our human support
  • Communication with us via online using the platform of your preference

Server Hacked Remediation

  • Ensure your site return to operation as soon as possible
  • Find out your site/server’s vulnerabilities
  • Investigate compromised files
  • Elimination of suspicious files and components
  • Find and restore backups if available
  • Closely monitor of the website after the cleanup to avoid future hacks

System Administration

  • 24/7/365 access to our human support (yes, a human will answer your call)
  • Analyze system logs in order to find possible issues
  • Introduce and integrate new technologies in both hardware and software; this way your server will be safe and up-to-date
  • Run backups
  • Keep your operating system updated
  • Assist you with any technical doubts
  • Maintain system security document system configuration
  • Troubleshoot any reported and discovered problems
  • System performance regulation
  • Make sure the infrastructure is up and running

 Managed Dedicated Hosting

  • We provide you an entire server for you, and you will have full control it
  • This service includes a system administrator


Important Characteristics:

  • A/B power feeds
  • Diesel Generator
  • 24/7 monitoring of equipment With ServerTrak
  • 24/7 onsite security with secure keycard access

 System Architecture

Assist Client design process for:

  • decisions on components (mysql vs postgresql, drupal vs wordpress)
  • ensuring future scalability
  • acceptable level of redundancy
  • best overall performance at lowest cost
  • As the system administrator we can gain a better understanding of your environment. This enables us to optimize the architecture for your needs.

All work without exceeding your budget!

Contact us and ask for a Free Quote Now!

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