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Medical Tourism Training Program

Medical Tourism Training Program - Placid Solutions Medical Tourism Marketing

Are you ready to face the Global Medical Tourism Competition?

If YES, you have come to the right place!

Create A Sustainable Medical Tourism Program - Placid Solutions

 Our Medical Tourism Training Program shows you how to Create A Sustainable Medical Tourism Program

Remember that we are entering into a new era of medical tourism with tremendous potential for success!

However, your medical center may be facing new threats for survival in a highly competitive medical tourism industry.

You must be ready to anticipate, respond, and adapt to these changing consumers buying behavior quickly or risk of becoming extinct.

Align your Company with the New Medical Tourism Economy - Placid Solutions

The old medical tourism model was where competition was limited in a fast growing medical tourism market.

The new medical tourism economy requires structured approach to acquiring and maintaining patients. The facts points toward five critical threats that all medical centers in medical tourism businesses face today:

  • Increase top line revenues through medical tourism

  • Grow market share in this highly competitive market

  • Attract & coordinate patients based on unique selling proposition

  • Optimize business processes to reduce medical tourism related costs

  • Create long term medical tourism business sustainability

The workshop will address the medical tourism infrastructure requirements to be successful in this growing and extremely competitive industry.

A hands-on approach will guide you through these critical elements of medical tourism.

About Mr. Pramod Goel - The Speaker - Medical Tourism Training Program

Medical Tourism Training Program’s Speaker

Mr. Pramod Goel is the president and founder of PlacidWay, an internationally recognized industry leader in medical tourism.

Mr. Goel is the author of recently released book Evolution of Medical Tourism: from Cottage Industry to Corporate World.

He has a diverse and experience-rich background building and orchestrating start-ups, turnarounds, and growth-oriented ventures. His strategic leadership and entrepreneurship has resulted in several globally successful enterprises.

Mr. Pramod Goel provides deliberate and tactical solutions across multiple industries such as healthcare, technology, travel/ hospitality, energy and manufacturing. His management consulting experience includes strategic planning, operational execution, and enterprise business modeling, among many other competencies and achievements.

Mr. Goel holds a Master’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Join us for an information-packed event you can’t afford to miss! 

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