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CRM App Customer Relationship Management

CRM App Customer Relationship Management - Placid Solutions Medical Tourism Marketing

Are you having troubles tracking on your patients?

Do you want to know what are the stages of your patient follow-ups?

How you would like to manage your patient leads?

Are you not 100% sure of what happens to patient leads after they come-in?

Would you like to track different stages of the patient status?

PlacidTrack – International Patient Relationship Tracking System is the solution!

PlacidTrack Follow Your Patient Acquisition Life Cycle - Placid Solutions - Medical Tourism Marketing

PlacidWay’s customer relationship management system, PlacidTrack is designed to follow the patient acquisition life cycle.
This proven web-based application allows the international patient coordination team to understand patient needs and facilitate consistent follow-up
Based on extensive patient coordination experience, the system has features such as patient information tracking, medical reports tracking, customer follow-ups, along with many advanced features which allows smooth operations.

Why does PlacidTRACK make sense?

PlacidTRACK – Takes Charge of Your International Patient Relationship! - Placid Solutions

Run your business at ease
Manage patient information and interaction
No more digging through various spreadsheets, emails, and databases searching patient information
Everything you need is stored in one place and accessible from anywhere
Customize it to work  the way you want!
PlacidTrack Increases Patient Conversion!

Benefits of Using PlacidTrack - Placid Solutions Medical Tourism Marketing Services

Close patient deals faster!
Use one place to store and update information, record interactions and track patient communications.
International patient relationship building
Get better visibility!
See inside your business easily! This includes quick and easy projections

Patient personalised services!
 Patient care, support and loyalty management


Manage all patient leads!
Don’t overlook or drop any of them…  you have spent lot of resources finding these leads
Identifying and managing customer value proposition
Map your patient follow-up process:
  • Define if the lead is new, old, warm, cold, etc.
  • Understand Patient Needs Analysis
  • Define your success metrics (KPIs)
Customer-focused business processes

PlacidTRACK – Takes Charge Of Your International Patient Acquisition!

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