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Our team is comprised of successful executives and accomplished talent with diverse background from healthcare, technology, and travel & hospitality industries.  We provide our customers with concise and personalized medical tourism business solutions.


Leading Management Consultant, CEO of PlacidWay

Pramod Goel is President and founder of PlacidWay, an internationally recognized industry leader in medical tourism.  PlacidWay a US-based medical tourism company, has a global presence, currently active in more than 30 countries worldwide, offering the comprehensive solutions to its over 250 medical providers – from India to Mexico, to Costa Rica to Ukraine to China.

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Pramod Goel has a diverse and experience-rich background building and orchestrating start-ups, turnarounds, and growth-oriented ventures. His strategic leadership and entrepreneurship has resulted in several globally successful enterprises. He is a big picture thinker, with focus on establishing best business practices, enterprise standards, and operational excellence.

Pramod Goel has been an instrumental part of many global organizations, delivering many strategic and tactical solutions across multiple industries such as healthcare, technology, travel/hospitality, energy and manufacturing. His vast management consulting experience includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Operational execution
  • Enterprise business modeling, among many other competencies and achievements.

Pramod Goel holds a Master’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Pramod Goel PlacidWay CEO


Management Consultant

Luis Guillermo is a financial and management consultant in the healthcare industry.

His expertise include business planning, strategic planning, financial structuring, operations planning, marketing strategy and budgeting, human resource planning, and market research.

Luis Guillermo is CEO of Hospital Sedna in Mexico City, Mexico. Among many achievements, Luis Guillermo has implemented internal controls while creating value and maximizing profits for the organizations he has served. With experience in major hospital management, he has been instrumental in expanding business opportunities for the organizations operationally as well as developing new business opportunities and restructuring financial health. He has experience with organizations such as Amerimed Hospitals, Hilton Resorts, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte & Touche.

Luis Guillermo holds MBA from Manhattan College in New York, and La Salle Business School in Barcelona, Spain and Bachelors/CPA from Universidad La Salle Cancun. He is part of various boards including Medical Travel Mexico, Private Hospital Association, and Tranplantes Quintana Roo AC.


HWANG-LEEStrategic Management Consultant

Hwang Lee is an operations and strategic management consultant in Asian healthcare. He has been working for more than a decade in consulting with the South Korean public health system and Asian medical tourism organizations.

Hwang Lee has also been performing trainings and instructing on the global medical tourism business models that apply to various private and public companies, training and coaching both for executives and staff. He was awarded in 2010 with the prestigious Minister Prize for the medical tourism sector.

Hwang Lee has graduated from Wollongong University, Australia where he received his Bachelor’s degree and he has a Masters in Medical Management from Kyungwon University Business School, later pursuing PhD studies in Health Administration at Yonsei University Graduate School.


Mert AkkokStrategic Management Consultant

Mert Akkok is the founding executive of B2B Encounters project which is a fresh and effective approach to organizing professional meetings. With a remarkable international network of medical tourism buyers and suppliers, Mr Akkok has become one of the most active opinion leaders in the global field of the medical tourism industry.

He has been managing consulting programs for some of Europe’s and America’s leading healthcare groups.

His company “B2B Encounters” focuses on locating and contacting international buyers in the medical tourism industry and organizing FAM-trips and stirring-workshops for them. B2B Encounters has successfully organized many international events in which buyers and suppliers of medical tourism have met each other and expanded their professional relations.


Strategic Management Consultant

Hector Xavier Martinez Sanchez has a wide background in both public and private sector in Mexico.

Currently he is President and CEO of MCMX S. A. de C. V., a consultant business company specializing in health tourism and assisted living in México. In 2008, he organized the 1st Health Tourism and Assisted Living International Congress in Mexico and in 2009, designed and operated the Sonora Health Tourism Cluster.

He has worked in many executive positions in the Public Sector, such as Executive Secretary of México’s Section for the US-Mexico Border Health Commission (2004 – 2007), Director of Special Projects in Federal Ministry of Health, which included Migrant Health (2002 – 2004) and as National Coordinator of Regional Offices of the Mexican Cocoa Bean Commission.

Héctor Xavier Martínez Sánchez is an Economist, graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.



Dealing with the marketing plans and creation of the branding/rebranding of the business, the marketing team focuses of the most important features that will improve the image and engage the customer. Relevance and comprehensive approach are the marketing team’s main principles when establishing the plan that has both widespread reach and reflect back to the business in leads and revenue.


The online marketing and optimization requires a very close connection to what is happening in the online environment and using the most effective distribution channels that will guide your future customers to the optimal solution that you are offering. Thus, the Online Marketing and Optimization team closely collaborates with the marketing team for the result desired in: online marketing, on page optimization, off-page optimization, social media marketing, search engine optimization, etc.

Innovative and out-of-the-box thinking are essential for successful campaigns. This is the reason to why the global marketing experience and the hundreds of channels developed over the years come into play, translating customized and targeted marketing into increased brand awareness and leads.




Channel partners that will perpetuate your name to a more widespread reach is essential in the medical tourism model. Yet, identifying the right partners that will enhance your global reach can be a tough challenge.

With an experience that spreads for almost a decade in global connections to businesses in medical tourism and like industries, the business alliance team can identify the possible opportunities for the expansion of the medical tourism business in target markets. The top focus of the Business Alliance Programs:

  • Attract local buyers such as doctors, agencies, in various countries
  • Developing alliances for local patient referrals


The medical tourism support with global patients can be a hassle free when it comes to effective coordination. Communications and follow-ups are key to ensure leads turn into revenue.

The Facilitation & Operations Teams support the whole medical tourism process from the first inquiry to the final follow-up contacts. The processes that are performed and/or supported by the Facilitation and Operations team include:

  • Patient coordination
  • Case management
  • Logistics management (assisting in converting patients request to patients for our partner organizations).

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[webpage name=”Our Team”]Our team is comprised of successful executives and accomplished talent with diverse background from healthcare, technology, and travel & hospitality industries.  We provide our customers with concise and personalized medical tourism business solutions.[/webpage]

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