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Medical Tourism Consulting Services

Medical Tourism Consulting Services Placid Solutions - Marketing Services

Alignment… Accountability… Results…

Medical Tourism industry today faces a harsher environment.

Global competition means that your products and services have to perform at world-class levels, simply to be allowed to continue to be a player in your geographic area.

This is true because today customers have access to all kind of technologies and with it limitless information and services existent all across the world.

PlacidSolutions a leading Online Marketing Services Company for Medical Tourism Companies offers several Consulting Services to help you in the journey of the Medical Tourism World.

Placid Solutions' Medical Tourism Consulting Services - Marketing Solutions

PlacidSolution’s Medical Tourism Consulting Services:

Progressive Performance System - Placid Solutions Marketing Consulting Services

Accomplishment-based strategic planning model
that resonates with all stakeholders.
Organizational excellence elements 
product excellence, customer intimacy, operational excellence – that drives customer value proposition.
Integration of all factors impacting performance
 a balance across employees, internal development, customers, and financial investors.
Performance architecture
that leads to a concise, executable plan with clear accountability.
In order to establish a progressive medical tourism company, you need to start with a method that helps identify, study and analyse various vital factors for the success of any business based on changing economic and social environment.
In the medical tourism business, that means increasing performance, developing and deploying interventions that help keep your medical tourism business on track.

PlacidWay Consulting Services - Placid Solutions Marketing Strategies

PlacidWay Consulting Program follows logical methodologies and leverages best practices learned through prior deployment experiences across many industries.

Industry Benchmarking - Placid Solutions - Marketing Consulting Services

Establish benchmarking using PlacidWay’s Strategic Planning Radar Chart methodology.
This multi-dimensional analysis approach helps analyze various benchmarking parameters using quantitative and qualitative measures.
The parameters may include factors such as:
  • Formal planning process
  • Regulatory framework
  • Customer value proposition
  • Sales and marketing plan
  • Channel management strategy
  • Market opportunity
  • Execution systems
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality initiatives
  • Financial support & investment policy
The scope of medical tourism benchmarking will include industry leaders on local, regional, and global level.

Competitive Analysis - Placid Solutions - Medical Tourism Marketing Services

Evaluate As-Is / existing medical tourism environment. This activity includes conducting interviews with all stakeholders such as local medical centers, clinics, doctors, tour operators, tourism providers, travel industry, etc.
Compare current status of medical tourism against industry leaders’ best practices and develop a competitive matrix. The SWOT analysis becomes the basis of establishing the strategic plan.
Analyse supply and demand as it relates to the medical tourism program. The demand analysis is based on various factors such as cultural, tourism, language, geographical location, and other demographic factors.

Strategic Plan & Product Definition - Placid Solutions Medical Tourism Online Marketing

Develop a strategic and tactical plan of action and create a sustainable medical tourism program!
The strategic plan will include long and short-term vision, goals, objectives, strategies and action plan.
This will also include stakeholder need analysis, organizational structure requirements, go-to-market strategy and financial and budgetary plans to successfully execute the strategic plan.
The methodology will take into account different factors including: Financial, Customer, Processes, and Human Capital requirements to execute the strategic plan successfully.
The resulting product will be identification of competitive differentiators and unique selling proposition.

Operational Infrastructure - Placid Solutions - Medical Tourism Marketing Company

A blueprint for operational infrastructure required to implement a sustainable medical tourism program.
The design guidelines will include integrating people, processes and systems to create a solid foundation for the program.
Evaluate entire supply chain management requirements for the medical tourism program.
The plan includes marketing programs, international quality requirements, incentive plans required to support the deployment of a successful medical tourism program.

Sustainability Program - Placid Solutions - Online Marketing for Medical Tourism

Evaluate factors affecting a medical tourism program such as research and development, human capital development, and strategic industry partnerships and alliances.
This would require involvement from top universities, technical institutes, medical professionals, and hospitality industry professionals to combine strengths to develop programs supporting the medical tourism industry.

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