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Plan : Enterprise Excellence

1390926063_tick_16 What are we building?

1390926063_tick_16 Why does the organization exist?

1390926063_tick_16 What results will we measure?


Acquire : Value-Stream Mapping

1390926063_tick_16 How will we accomplish our Objectives?

1390926063_tick_16 What work is to be done?

1390926063_tick_16 What will we measure?


Manage : Process Effectiveness

1390926063_tick_16 People, Process & System Integration

1390926063_tick_16 Complete Patient Acquisition Management

1390926063_tick_16 What results will we measure?


Alignment… Accountability… Results…
Medical Tourism industry today faces an even harsher environment. Global competition means that your products and services have to perform at world-class levels, simply to be allowed to continue to be a player in your geographic area. This is true because today customers have access to sources of supply from much of the planet; across most technologies and inclusive of most volumes or capacities.

PlacidSolution Progressive Performance System

  • Accomplishment-based strategic planning model that resonates with all stakeholders.
  • Organizational excellence elements – product excellence, customer intimacy, operational excellence – that drives customer value proposition.
  • Integration of all factors impacting strategic performance – a balance across employees, internal development, customers, and financial stakeholders.
  • Performance architecture that leads to a concise, executable plan with clear accountability.

When it comes to establishing a progressive medical tourism company, you need to establish a method that helps identify, study and analyze various factors that are vital for the success of any business based on changing economic and social environment. In the medical tourism business, that means increasing performance, and developing and deploying interventions that help keep your medical tourism business on track.

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