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5 Factors that Brings Transparency in Medical Tourism to Drive Success


5 Factors that Brings Transparency in Medical Tourism to Drive Success

The medical tourism industry is not sinking. Those who are saying so, are the ones who are running stagnant. The gear has shifted. It’s the consumers who are now in the driver’s seat. They are demanding transparency in anything and everything associated with the treatment/procedure they nike air jordan 4 black canvas mens nike air max nfl stores dallas cowboys football custom soccer jerseys custom baseball jerseys nike air jordan 4 retro custom hockey jersey sex toys online nike air max excee womens nike air max 97 nike air max excee womens nike air jordan 1 low cheap nfl jerseys adidas yeezy 700 v3 want to get. Transparency helps them to see into the areas that were murky before. They can now make an apple-to-apple comparison of which provider is providing what. Transparency in medical tourism actually works as evidence that the patients require for decision making.

What Is Transparency in Medical Tourism?

Transparency implies not to keep the consumers in the dark about what they have to pay, how they will be treated and by whom they will be treated. Patients are more likely to pay if they understand how much they will owe out of pocket upfront. So, you have to focus on several factors that drive transparency, such as:

  • Price: There should be a clear structure of price with no hidden charges.
  • Employees: All the employees must be honest and transparent with the customers and partners.
  • Patient Information: Patients must be informed about their treatment plan, expected results, past outcomes.
  • Clinical Outcomes: Accurately presenting true clinical outcomes by the doctors in the medical centers.
  • Patient Testimonials: Actual and not fabricated patient case studies where promoted results can be validated.
How to bring transparency

Let the patients dictate how they would like to shop. Their primary goal is saving money, but they won’t agree to sacrifice quality. You have to boldly distinguish yourself from the competing providers. How? You have to answer their questions like:

  • What will be my true out-of-pocket cost?
  • Where can I get the best care for my money?
  • Which hospital is offering the best patient care and quality services?
  • What are the credentials of the doctors and the hospital?
  • Can I speak to previous patients and see before and after pictures?

Transparency will educate international patients with clear information about the treatment, its benefits, risk factors, doctors, package inclusions/exclusions, post-treatment care, and everything. At PlacidWay, we have conducted several studies that show transparency create trust and eventually increases business results. When providers are not transparent, the trust between patient and provider is compromised. Thus, TRANSPARENCY is the key to success in the medical tourism industry.

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