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Engage International Patients through Simple CRM Application

Engage International Patients through Simple CRM Application


The healthcare system in the present age of medical tourism is disintegrated. Mostly, the providers are busy in shouting “I’m the best” and “I offer the cheapest price for the procedure.” However, singing own praise is not enough, as you need to engage the international patients first before you attract them towards your forte. And, in order to engage, you have to educate them on what they want to know in the simplest way possible. When the patients get the answers to their questions, they will be willing to convert into genuine customers. One of the best ways to engage the international patients is to use a simple CRM application.

What is a CRM Application?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a tool that covers a broad set of applications designed for helping business management. It helps the businesses to manage various processes such as customer interaction, customer data, customer support and many other aspects that help to establish a healthy and transparent relationship between the business and its customers. The CRM must be integrated in such a way that it can smoothly engage the patients. When a medical provider has such a CRM application, it can create meaningful relationship and engagement with the patients, which will create a positive impact on its revenue.

How CRM Can Help to Improve Customer Relationship with the International Patients

As a medical provider, you can expect higher profits by employing a CRM system in comparison to your competitors who are not using such a tool. A good CRM can help you find the prospects and customers and then engage them to your service. Such a system can help you to effectively manage the patient leads that you can work upon to turn into prospects with your targeted marketing efforts.

Apart from helping you to get leads for new international patients, an effective CRM also helps you to manage your existing customers in a uniformed manner. It can help you to track the different stages of the patient status and patient follow-ups. This clearly helps you to understand what the patients need and follow-up consistently. This ensures smooth management of the international patient relationship with proper engagement.

Improve Patients’ Experience with CRM

The experience of the international patients must be the top priority. The treatment procedure or the price is not the only factor why the customers agree to do business with you. You have to go beyond and above the expectations and deliver a great experience to the international patients to be competitive. Now, the question is how you achieve this. Let’s explain how you can improve customer experience using a CRM tool.

Meaningful Communication – In the book, “More Loyal Customers,” the author Kevin Stirtz said, “Every contact we have with a customer influences their decision as to whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them.” It is impossible to provide a great patient experience if there is no meaningful and ongoing communication, and this is the area where CRM can offer great help.

When you ensure regular and meaningful communication, you will clearly know if the patients are loyal and satisfied. A CRM includes varied information about your patients and how they have interacted with your medical center in terms of agreeing to get a treatment, conversations or other past activities. You can use this data to keep your existing patients updated with any initiative of your center such as new packages, itineraries, company news or other activities. Thus, it will help you to segment patients and address the right message to the right audience, rather than sending similar information to all of them.

Customer Opinion – The new-age customers are not bothered about sharing information or opinions about the treatment procedures, treatment packages, doctor’s credentials or price. They have access to the information (thanks to the Internet) and thus they can share opinion through various communication channels like social media.

If you listen to your customers’ needs, you can sort out what patients like and what they don’t. CRM allows you to ask your customers for their opinion. You can implement changes in your business strategies to get good result considering their opinion. Most importantly, it helps to keep your patients happy, as you show them that you care about their opinions.



Offer Relevant Service – There is plenty of choices available for the international patients. You have to offer them relevant treatment procedures and services to win their heart and wallet. A good CRM tool helps you know what your patients need by informing them about the services, treatment procedure or packages they are interested in. As you know what health issues they are dealing with, and whether they like the previously-offered solutions, you will be able to offer the most relevant services that they need.

Personalize Communication – When you personalize your communication with the patients, you gradually establish a unique relationship. The patients can contact your center using different channels such as website, email or phone, or they can access you via varied departments such as marketing or customer service. When you have a CRM, it captures all these conversations. So, all these conversations captured over time serves as a great source of information. You can use this information to provide your patients with unique and personalized experience such as knowing exactly what health issue he is facing without asking to repeat himself, his preferred time to receive calls, addressing him by name, etc.

Response to Requests gets Fast This is a fast world and no one has time for delay. When a patient requests a query, he wants the response immediately. If you use a CRM that comes with ready-to-use email templates, it can help you respond to the requests quickly. For example, the CRM tool allows you to create such email templates for different treatment procedures in different countries. Suppose a patient requests you to send information about the liposuction procedure in Mexico, you can choose that pre-made email template from your database and quickly respond to the requests. It offers dual benefits, first, it saves your time and second, it leaves a good impression on the patients due to the quick response.

Faster Presentation of your Offers – The present-age customers not just want them to be listened, but also to get response according to the terms set by them, not you. These customers are being targeted by local, regional and international competitors and they have access to many exciting offers due to online connectivity. Thus, you have to present your offers faster or else you lose potential patients. When you use a good CRM, it allows you to speed up the process by offering the latest information on the treatment procedures, doctors, clinic and packages instantly. Thus, you can also follow up to the opportunities and leads at the right time without keeping your potential customers waiting.


Today, the world is dominated by technological advancements. Now, the patients or any customer demand high attention level and expect to do business with you on their own terms. They want you to constantly keep them updated, understand their situation perfectly, listen to what they need and offer an attentive and fast solution. You have to engage the international patients by maintaining all these aspects, and a CRM tool helps you to do this easily.

If you are looking for such a powerful yet simple CRM application that can engage the patients, PlacidWay can help. Our CRM will help you to manage your international patient relationship effortlessly. There is no need to dig through various emails, spreadsheets, and databases for searching patient information. Everything that you need is stored in one place and easily accessible. So, you can customize the information the way you want and run your business with ease.

With our CRM you can-

  • Close patient deals faster
  • Get better visibility
  • Manage all patient leads
  • Map your patient follow-up process
  • Build an international patient relationship
  • Offer personalized services to the patients
  • Identify and manage customer value proposition
  • Ensure customer-focused business process

So, take charge with our CRM to increase international patient acquisition rate and increase patient conversion.


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