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Process Management

Process Management



Process Management : Add the Human Touch to Your Health Care Services

Medical tourism as an industry is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly competitive. At present, there is more supply of service providers than those demanding healthcare services in many locations around the world.

The challenges facing healthcare providers in coming years will be how to best attract customers and clients to your specific healthcare services.

Physicians, surgeons, clinics and hospitals need to be able to connect with patients and assure them that their problems will be addressed by your healthcare facilities. Ask yourself these questions regarding your current business methods:

  • Who owns your customer relationship – you or someone else?
  • How do you nurture customer relationships – from the time you are first contacted by the customer until they are discharged from your facility?
  • What actions do you take to create confidence and trust with the customer?

If the answer to these questions is not clearly defined, then you’re failing to take advantage of one of the most proactive and productive approaches to enhance, grow your business, and convert customers into paying patients. The key to such conversion relies on human expressions of compassion, confidence, and trust.

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