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International Patient Acquisition Service

International Patient Acquisition Service


Mapping the International Patient Experience

Looking for a sustainable competitive advantage in Medical Tourism Industry?  Make each customer feel like a Market of One.

No matter how good your healthcare product or service is, a strong patient acquisition process is absolutely necessary for an effective and profitable business. Such a process is the voice of your healthcare business; communicating with potential customers about treatment plans as well as superlative options your center can offer them.

Understanding how to address optimal patient experience is difficult, especially when dealing with international patients from wide variety of cultural backgrounds. It is important to understand and customize your services in order to grow and excel in today’s highly competitive Medical Tourism market.

PlacidSolutions can help you optimize your international patient acquisition processes from finding the international patient seeking medical treatment abroad to selling them on your solution to physically hosting them at your center.

PlacidSolutions can help streamline the business processes as well as steps involved in-between.

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