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10 Different Ways to Promote Your Center for International Patients

10 Different Ways to Promote Your Center for International Patients


The medical tourism industry is getting more competitive than ever. If you want to be a big player, you must have the ability to attract the international patients. In fact, attracting foreign medical travelers is the core of the medical tourism market. Now, the most obvious question is- How Will You Attract the International Patients?

All the leading medical centers across different countries have one thing in common. They follow strong marketing strategies that meet the needs of the patients. Such strategies skillfully promote the quality of healthcare and affordability along with the additional benefits for the patients like a comforting atmosphere during recovery.

To promote your center for the international patients, you must enable them to find you easily. If you wonder how to do it, you have come to the right place. We have researched and zeroed on the following ten different and most effective ways to promote your center for international patients.


Center Profile                                                                            

This is the first and the most important aspect that the patients want to know. You have to create a great center profile that perfectly informs about what you do and how you do. The profile does not require being too long that a prospective patient loses interest to read and move away. You have to be short, precise and to-the-point to explain your services, treatment procedures, and other key highlights.

Also, the patients must have access to the credentials of your medical center. So, it will build trust among the patients, if you inform about the accreditation and certificates of the center and the associated doctors. Your aim should always be to make the prospective customers knowledgeable so that they can understand you better. When they understand you better, they will choose you over the others.


Treatment Prices

If you want a higher share of the medical tourism market, you must offer top-rated healthcare services at highly competitive and affordable prices. The patients should see the real benefit of traveling to your center, which could be located in another city, state or country. You have to convince them why they should visit your center for that particular treatment when they can do it locally.

Consider the example of planning a holiday somewhere. When you travel, one of the important things that you do is book the hotel. What is the first thing that you generally check before booking a hotel? It is the price. You shortlist the hotels analyzing the facilities they are offering at the best competitive rates. The hotels that come with affordable price combined with good facilities are able to get the maximum number of guests.

You apply the same strategy when you shop for something. Suppose you are planning to buy a watch and visit the nearest showroom. You find that the best of branded watches are available at 30% discounted price. That surely is a great deal, as you can buy a top-brand watch by paying less than what it is supposed to be. So, here also you are attracted by the price of the product, which influenced your purchasing decision.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the price is still the major driving factor and it implies for the international patients as well. They will definitely compare your pricing with the other available options. So, you have to convince them with a fair competitive price for your medical treatments.


Treatment Packages

After the cost, package is one of the most important driving factors for the patients to choose a medical center. You can initially grab the attention of the patients by advertising an attractive price for a certain treatment procedure. However, you can convert that attention into prospective lead if the treatment package is equally attractive.

The most important factor is to educate the prospective patients about the details of the package. It must be very transparent so that the patients can clearly understand what they are going to get if they choose the package. Therefore, you must clearly specify things that you have included and not included in the package. For example, expenditure related to doctor fee, medical center charges or dietary charges are generally included in the package. However, the patients must clearly know that they will not be paid for the pick-ups and drops from/to the airport or lodging/traveling expenditure if they decide to go sightseeing the nearby attractions.

When the patients clearly know the package details they can decide without worrying about the hidden costs or any uncertain expenditure.


Doctors Resumes

Why do patients want to see doctor’s resume? They must have detailed information and knowledge about of the doctor because it is the doctor who ultimately handles the treatment procedures. Before they agree to visit your clinic for the treatment, you must provide every possible detail of the doctor so that there is no doubt, fear, distrust or any hesitation whatsoever. To provide all the required details, the best thing to do is prepare detailed doctor resume.

The next thing that you should consider is what information to include in the doctor’s resume. It is important to include everything related to the doctor’s credentials. For example, it must feature the details of the educational background as from where he/she has completed primary, secondary, post-graduation, and specialties.

The resume should also include the details of the internships and training he/she has done. This assures the patients that the doctor has gone through all the required list of long procedures to gather enough experience. Put stress on the training related to the specialty of the doctor, as you intend to promote the doctor to the patients who are searching for that specific treatment procedure.

Next thing to include in the resume is the details of work experience. Break the experiences of the doctor at different hospitals, institutes, clinics, etc. mentioning the year and duration, as this will inform the patients about what he/she has done in his work life since the beginning till date.

Last but not the least; include all the details of the doctor’s achievements, memberships, and affiliations. Getting complete details of the education, certificates, licenses, contribution and achievements will help in building a certain level of trust among the patients, which is very important for your center.


Before and After Pictures+

Providing the prospective patients with before and after pictures of the past patients is one of the best ways to win trust. Let’s take an example of a plastic/cosmetic surgery clinic that is targeting to promote their nose job procedure. They will definitely get more customers if they provide the before and after pictures of the patients who have already done the procedure at their center. Moreover, it also serves as a proof of the center and the doctor’s credibility of successfully conducting the treatment procedure. Therefore, you must satisfy the international patients with good before and after pictures, as they act as a real evidence and work tremendously to build trust. When you succeed in building trust among your prospective customers, you succeed in scaling your business higher.


Reviews and Testimonials of Past Patients

To successfully promote your center, you must aim to increase transparency by informing the prospects about everything like infrastructure, equipment, staff, doctors, procedures, etc. So, you should let the future patients source information from the reviews, feedback, and testimonials of the past patients. Add reviews and testimonials of the past patients on your website or let the prospective patients contact the previous patients directly to learn their feedback. Such transparency in the process will make the prospects more confident to choose your center for their required treatment procedure.



Nowadays, streaming videos is one of the most effective ways of transferring information. Create some videos of the doctors, staff and the previous patients sharing their experience, explaining the treatments or any other things that you think important. You can also shoot videos of the clinic setup showing the interior and exterior including the equipment, tools, and other infrastructural details. The idea is to let the patients have a clear picture of everything before traveling.


Case Studies & Articles

Case studies and articles are among the best content marketing ideas. Case studies provide relatable human evidence of its value. Thus, the consumers get the confidence to trust a service or a product. Therefore, using case studies and articles can prove its worth to promote your center for the international patients.

A case study takes the users on a particular journey through the use of specific service or a product by putting value in action, which is unlike a testimonial. A case study is loaded with direct quotes, rich customer narrative and characterizing details. This makes a positive impact on the prospects’ mind and impresses them to imagine it is benefiting their lives. Thus, the potential customers feel reassured by seeing the other customers are genuinely endorsing your services, which will make them trust more on your credibility.



Events/webinars (online events) have many forms. It could be speaking at a seminar, exhibiting at a trade show or just an industry conference. At these events or webinars, you can participate as a host, a roundtable member or a keynote speaker. When you are involved in a webinar/event, it demonstrates that you are an important part of the industry. You can also use webinars as a medium to educate the audience about a few essential issues.

Thus, webinars and events are strong marketing tools that can help you build a stronger relationship with the prospects and customers. When you invite or share links to events/webinars of the clinic, it further educates the patients with valuable information. More education will create confidence and trust, which enables them to make better decisions.


Questions & Answers

Even after going through the details of prices, packages, doctors, testimonials, etc., some doubts still persist in the mind of the patients. These doubts should be addressed via direct communication. Generally, the patients seek consultation before agreeing to be part of any treatment procedure. During this consultation session, they will ask you some questions and you must be ready with the answers.

The patients will surely have a lot of doubts and worries or even fear. You have to make them feel comfortable to ask any relevant question regarding the treatment, center or/and the doctors. A patient will decide to pursue the treatment procedure at your medical center only when you can convince him/her with the right answers.


What did you learn?

The bottom line is that you have to educate the international patients about what you are exactly offering in the most transparent way. If you succeed to do that, you can win their trust, which will create demand for the service that you are offering.

So, what you need is a powerful platform that will use all these ten different ways to promote your center for international clients. As the most powerful medical tourism provider directory system, PlacidWay is here to help you with right guidance and expertise.

We believe searching for global medical tourism solutions that are simple, applicable and effective. We have spent years designing and testing our system to help connect you with your patients which builds trust and simplifies access to international patient.

Hurry up! Promote your center using 10 different ways on PlacidWay.com. Enable your international patients to find you with the most powerful medical tourism provider directory system on the market.

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