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Establish Trust and Credibility Through Placidways Social Media Platforms

Establish Trust and Credibility Through Placidway’s Social Media Platforms


When you are a medical provider, it is all about trust!  No medical endeavor can succeed when it compromises on trust. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about growing your business as a business owner or a marketer? This answer that most of you get is, “More Customers”, isn’t it? Similarly, the first thing that comes to a medical consumer’s mind when he looks for a medical service is Trust. The objective of every medical service provider is to attract more customers to its business. It can be achieved only by increasing the trust element in the mass that you cater.

Importance of Social Media Platforms

No matter what size of business do you have or what nature of business do you have, your top goal should be to gain the trust and credibility of your consumers. That is what makes you an entrusted service provider in long run. Social Media Platforms play an important role in reaching your services to your clients. But the interesting fact is that, your targeted audience listens more to you as they hear about you from a trusted brand. Have you ever thought of it that way? Let’s discuss the more important aspects of such promotions. We feel more assured when we buy any product from a popular shopping site, even when the same product is sold at a greater discount on some other ecommerce website! The same thing happens when we are introduced to a medical facility on a trusted web page.

PlacidWay Social Media Platforms

PlacidWay helps in promoting your medical business and showcases your services over its social media platforms. You can promote your features, facilities and testimonials with us on our various social media profiles. Promoting your brand with us will offer you trust and credibility amongst your audience. As you use our trusted social media platform, you get an opportunity to create an impact on the people who view your brand on our pages. PlacidWay offers the best platform to you to increase your trust and credibility amongst your existing and potential customers.

Increasing Trustworthiness and Integrity by Third-party Social Media Promotions

Almost 2.5 billion people are using social media platforms and can be reached online. But, it requires to have the correct approach to get that extra mileage from all these internet users. Your services have an audience and you must reach them. The objective should be to target the correct audience and spread your brand to them. Social media optimization and marketing through a third-party has now become the current marketing technique after organic marketing method like Search Engine Optimization and paid marketing methods like pay per click (PPC) have ruled the market. This increases the trustworthiness and integrity of your brand amongst your users.

How Third-Party Social Media Promotion Has Enriched Medical Tourism Industry

Social media plays an important role in creating awareness of medical tourism industry amongst masses. Your company’s name is always on the web and into the minds of your customers with social media platforms. As you promote your brand on a third party social media page, you tend to make your prospects to be patrons. It plays an important psychological role on the minds of the followers as they find your brand on a trusted web page (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more). Once you have a social media presence on an established platform, your business can connect to your customers and stay in touch with them.

You can get regular updates from your targeted customers as you promote your services on the correct social media platforms. They can communicate with you about their needs and queries. Our 24/7 working social media management team makes sure that all your client’s queries are answered in time and you get real reviews from the audience you target. More importantly, you are on the same platform with all the other reputed brands in the same field. That makes you more convincing and believable amongst your users. PlacidWay social media forums help you to remain in sync with the current track and trend of the marketplace.

Social media platforms can increase your online exposure. In medical tourism industry, it is very important to be associated with establishing social media platforms to be picked up by Facebook or Twitter every time you are being searched. Once you connect your profile to a social media page that is already been established, you get better chances of having people interested in your service. The idea is to have many eyes on your business and when you are visible on a reputed social media page, the trust amongst your audience.

Ways to Build Trust and Credibility Through Social Marketing

Medical tourism today has come out of the limitations that used to be in the era when it was only dependent on expensive advertising platforms like electronic media or printing. Small and medium-sized businesses in the medical tourism industry have found new access to reach masses and promote their brands through social media marketing.

Social media influencers play a major role here as they already have a fan base on social media. PlacidWay endorses your brand and supports you in creating brand awareness and visibility. We provide you target based marketing that helps you get more leads.

How PlacidWay helps you as a social media influencer

We Create Brand Awareness

PlaycidWay plays an important role in influencing your product and present it effectively to the audience you would like to Cater. We create customer interest effectively and promote your product along with other recognize services in the medical tourism industry.

We Create Cost-Effective and Efficient Marketing Campaigns

Our channel provides you the best properties to influence the market. How social media campaigns get you could return and cost efficiency.


The medical tourism industry is all about gaining your consumer’s trust and credibility. Every brand needs a great amount of time to achieve that. As a marketing influencer, we make these efforts for you. As a matter of fact, your consumers tend to trust you when they hear about your product favorably from a reputed party like us. Thus, this gives few more conversions on leads.


SEO can be a head wracking affair for small medical agencies to score well in the initial years. Instead, they can possibly get an acceleration by having a presence over PlacidWay’s established social networks. We welcome small and medium enterprises to access the potential marketing gains. Let PlacidWay contribute to the overall branding and reputation of your medical services globally.


PlacidWay Facebook Page has been a pioneer in promoting medical tourism industry over social media platforms. We have thousands of followers with us to promote your business. You can reach out to our follower’s list in a very short time. You can customize your services with us and use our platform according to the way you like it for you. You can choose the frequency of your promotion and our social media managers well look after your branding properly.


PlacidWay twitter account is one great platform for you to increase your client. Our properly formed Twitter account promotes your services and helps you get a lot of engagements from the customers that you deal in with. We regularly update our account with the numerous medical facilities that we have with us. We offer medical packages to our clients through our Twitter profile and reach out to masses. This can be a great platform for you to promote yourself with all the other reputed brands in the medical tourism industry.

Google Plus

Most people are on Android these days. PlacidWay reaches to these people and showcases your services. We use various infographics and pictures on our Google Plus account to promote your services better.


PlacidWay Pinterest profile is one of the best social media platforms in the medical tourism industry to present infographics related to your medical services. This helps you to promote your business in small time.


Marketing strategies in the medical tourism industry are vastly influenced by video representation than a still photo. As a matter of fact, YouTube is used as one of the most important search engines in recent times by people as they depend more on visual presentations more than static pictures. PlacidWay YouTube channel summarizes the medical services of its empaneled counterparts and presents to it followers. Visit our YouTube channel to see the effectiveness of such visual representations.

Concluding Lines

At PlacidWay, our objective is to generate multi-level marketing through social media platforms. We identify every customer need and increase our online exposure only to nurture the qualified leads. Our social media marketing objective is to generate maximum multi-level marketing lead through awareness and identifying the real needs of our customers. Our multiple approaches nurture the qualified lead that we generate and helps our clients to build trust and credibility amongst the people it caters.

Medical tourism is a popular practice these days that include Global Healthcare along with medical travel. The industry is largely benefitted by accreditors on social media platform as it reaches its audience. PlacidWay plays an important role of an accreditor and successfully contributes to the improvement of credibility of its associate partner as a recognized brand.

Connect with us to showcase your services to a greater mass through our social media platforms. PlacidWay has a generous web page through social media marketing networks to reach out to your target audience.

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