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Stem Cell Therapy

Global Medical Tourism Solutions



Stem cell industry is currently rated as the fastest growing industry in healthcare sector. People from around the world are seeking innovative options to treat chronic diseases and find alternatives to traditional medicine which stem cell treatment is able to help. With the global demand increasing, Medical Tourism industry is found to be the key in globalization of stem cell innovations.


Global Stem Cell therapy Market Outlook

  • Technology: revolutionary new technology giving hope to millions of people with diseases/ medical conditions that traditional medicine are not able to treat.
  • Industry Size: global stem cell industry is projected to be over a $100 billion industry as the application of therapy grows with new research.
  • Customer Demand: as more people learn about the benefits of stem cell treatment, the number of people seeking stem cell therapies significantly grows around the globe as well; currently growing at the rate of over 30% annually.


Why Stem Cell Therapy Marketing is Growing

The stem cell therapy applications are developing with continuous new research and findings. An Increasing number of people are seeking alternatives to traditional approach to medicine to avoid having to go through surgeries and long recovery times. Stem cell treatment has been phenomenal also in dealing with diseases that are complex and untreatable with current medical procedures.

Some of the reasons of recent growth of stem cell includes:

  • Hope to treat “No hope” diseases, chronic diseases
  • New technology availability
  • Limited local options


Where are People Seeking Stem Cell therapy?

As a global medical tourism portal, we see that patients are not afraid to travel near or far-shores to get what they are looking for. PlacidWay sees a global insurgence on this scenario.  Some key regions where people are generally traveling to include:

  • Americas: US and Mexico
  • Europe: Western Europe (Germany, Austria), Eastern Europe (Ukraine)
  • Asia: China, India, South Korea


The type of medical conditions that people generally seek:

A significant number of medical consumers were found to be seeking alternative solutions using stem cells for the following conditions:

  • Orthopedics/Spine
  • Neurological
  • Autoimmune
  • Anti-aging/Rejuvenation


Stem Cell Clinic Challenges

Like any high growth industry, stem cell providers are faced with challenges. Some of the problems facing the clinics today include:

  • Competition: growing competition due to a variety of qualified and un-qualified professionals offering “same” solutions with no clear differentiation from customer point of view.
  • Education: lack of consumer education based on facts and data gathered from actual cases and building more evidence based medical practice.
  • Business Structure: most practices are based on “I am the best” theory rather than defining business strategy for customer acquisition, marketing, patient coordination, pricing strategy or data driven solutions.


Patient Point of View

  • Today, patients consider Internet as the most trusted source of health information.
  • Over 80% of Internet users go online to find health-related information.
  • Over 95% of physicians use internet to find information about medical condtions/ diseases.
  • Over 75% of users with chronic conditions used online research to decide on their potential treatment plan.


What are the Main Concerns that Consumers have with Stem Cell  Therapy:

With stem cell therapy being considered a new technology in the medical field, people have different understanding of what it can do. They at times consider this to be a “magi treatment” which can solve all their medical problems from growing a new organ to making 60 year old person look as if they are in 20’s.  Following are some concerns we have identified:

  • Expectation Management: The result/s that a stem clinic is claiming to offer or provide.
  • Credentials: The professional/ clinic having the appropriate credentials, licenses and certifications. e.g., MD
  • The types of stem cells: People would at times have their preference on which type of stem cell they find most beneficial or would like to be educated on how each differ.
  • Overall Safety and aftercare


How Patients are Selecting Their Stem Cell Clinics

Increasingly, PlacidWay is observing that by exerting time and effort to educate people, patients are become more aware of what stem cell therapy can do, hence, become more open to considering doing the treatment. In order to mitigate their risks they are doing:

  • Research – to understand their options with various clinics, credentials, types of cells, etc.
  • Data Analysis – as there is limited data available in this industry, they are drawn to centers who are able to provide more information on their offered treatments.
  • Past Patient Reviews and Testimonials- Having such for reference motivate, if not inspire people to experience themselves the benefits of stem cell therapy.

PlacidWay – How can we Help?

PlacidWay is a U.S.-based medical tourism company with presence in over 40 countries worldwide, offering most comprehensive solutions to over 1000 medical providers globally, from India to Turkey to Mexico and Costa Rica.


PlacidWay’s global presence includes patient referrals from all continents including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, CIS, Africa, and Asia. With nearly one million healthcare consumers from these regions accessing PlacidWay websites annually, PlacidWay has become a thought leader in the industry, providing globally deployed industry best practices, focused to attract international patients. PlacidWay has become an ultimate digital health resource for the medical tourism industry.

  • Create Competitive Advantage: get your targeted message out to consumers seeking stem cell therapies via PlacidWay.com or www.GlobalStemCellTherapy.com portals.
  • Educate Customers: present videos, articles, doctor’s credentials, case studies, testimonials, and many other features about your treatments to a global audience.
  • Generate Business Income: generate more revenues through a systematic, structured patient acquisition program via a global network.


We would like to invite you to offer your unique stem cell therapies through our extensive network of websites and mobile apps which can get your message out to a global audience and build your name and brand.


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