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Alejandro Gaitan
Mexicali BC Mexico
Operation Manager

My experience with the company has been excellent, its employees are very friendly and dedicated, they become part of your team and of your family, for that reason the company has developed enormously, I think Placidway.com is the number one company worldwide in medical tourism, I am very grateful with the founder and his team, may God bless you all for helping so many people find medical services around the world

Ocean Dental
Carlos Montes
Ocean Dental Cancun

Well I like working with PlacidWay because the leads that send us most of the time are very interested compared to other providers. Most of the time it is easy to get in touch with patients and we can also count on the help of PlacidWay and the coordinators to work together and close the patient What I liked about you (Zianya) is that when we talked last week it was very easy to talk to you and you had many good ideas on how we can improve our communication to assist patients more efficiently I think we will be able to have a good communication and close many more patients and focus on those who are more interested in proceeding with their treatment

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Dr. Richard M. Cowin, DPM
Laser Foot Surgery Institute

I have had the pleasure of working with the wonderful team of professionals at PlacidWay for nearly five (5) years. I highly recommend their valuable services for the following reasons:
1) Every PlacidWay team member with whom I have had the pleasure of working has been very nice and very professional.
2) Payment for their services is based on the mutual success of your company and theirs.
3) PlacidWay’s services market your medical services to perspective patients all over the world.
4) They are constantly evolving and their marketing procedures are state-of-the-art.
5) They have repeatedly proven that their staff is readily available to assist you and your perspective patients in every way possible.

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Omar D. Gonzalez M. D.
Integra Medical Center

Placid Way with his owner and director Pramod has been a life changing experience. This wonderful company is surrounded with excellent coordinators that really take care and pride in what they do.
I’m very happy I found it years ago and gladly will stay for many years to come.
Thank you very much for your commitment to service !

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Robyn Hoffman
Perfection Makeover and Laser Center

Being a top private plastic surgery clinic for many years, we pride ourselves on providing the top care and service to international patients seeking plastic and reconstructive surgery abroad. With this in mind, we have had a close working relationship with Placidway, which we consider to be one of the top medical tourism company in the market. We have similar views on what quality service and professional care when it comes to helping potential patients find the best options in plastic surgery

Tori Brown
Ambassador of Health and Hospitality Services

I have zero complaints. The team is such a great support and I appreciate what you all do for us. I do wish there was more leads coming in…but I guess that is not something we have control over.

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Dr. Max Greig
Dr. Maximilian A. Greig | Orthopaedic Surgeon

Hello Placid Way team members!!
I will like to mention my respect, gratefulness and admiration to all of you for your very professional and compassionate work towards international patients by providing options to resolve their health issues. I am honored to be one of your health care providers and I hope to continue being on your top list of referrals for the upcoming New Year 2017. With my best regards, Dr. Max Greig

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Dr. Daniel Block
Dr. Siegfried Block Stem Cell Therapy Specialist

Placidway and our clinic the D. Siegfried Block GmbH – Center for Living Cell Therapy work Hand in Hand to help, improve, and revitalize patients health. Placidway is one of the top medical tourism companies worldwide, and is providing perfect Service to its customers and patients. Placidway has one of the best structural Network worldwide, especially in Great Britain, Arabic countries, USA, but also in Asia. We are very proud to work with Placidway, because the customer Service and the before and after Treatment Support of our patients is perfect, and we are looking forward to work with Placidway together in the future. Placidway was and is the perfect Partner to inform and help patients to travel to our clinic in Germany. Thanks to all Placidway customer Service People from the D. Siegfried Block GmbH – Center for Living Cell Therapy.

Dr. Allan Ceballos Pressler
Centro Plastica | Dr. Allan Ceballos Pressler

I have been working with Placidway for the past 3 years. In my experience with Medical Tourism, they are a company that is very committed with patient safety and satisfaction. They have managed the surgical treatment of several patients with me, and I have nothing but excellent comments on their surgical trip coordination and assistance from Placidway. I will continue my work with them for as long as I can because they have proved to be honest and caring for patient preoperative and above all, postoperative follow up

Chompoo /Mr. Weerapon
V PLAST Clinic
Marketing Manager

From my prospective the way Placidway works is great. The communication is perfect, the client explanation is good and the intent is great. I have more enjoyed the relationship that is being formed with the staff as I believe this is how we best serve our clients and ensure the out comes are met. My only comment would be that invoice payment on receipt is hard to manage for a company of our size and 20th following month is more practical.

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Elias Bemaras
Progencell - Stem Cell Therapies
General Director

Our experience with Placidway has been excellent.  I meet them since 2009 and done business with their team since then.  As a medical facilitator they are very efficient, always doing the proper follow up and very consistent with results. Their team is very well trained, they have great customer service. Communication skills and timing are strong in their process.  We have not had any bad experiences, whenever there is a misunderstanding one simple phone call is enough to solve it.  Pramod and their team are always looking for ways to improve their service. I am amazed how creative they can get, how well they take advantage of online tools, such as video testimonials, email, video-calls, etc.  Always updating information, updating their website, sending interesting information for patients.  In my opinion they are the most knowledgeable team regarding  global medical travel.  We really recommend Placidway services in every way.

Angel Zaragoza
MexStemCells Clinic

At Mexstemcells we have been working for about a year with the Placidway team. During this time we have developed an excellent communication with all members of the team Pramod, Alicia, Paola, Dubhe, Damiana and Maria. Lately we have been working closely with Alicia, Paola and Dubhe with very good results since we have managed to attract 4 patients in 1 month, and we believe that together we have found a winning formula to increase the number of patients. We believe that this alliance has a great future, since so far we have had good results with the patients we have received, who from our point of view have been very satisfied with the process of care that begins with Placidway and ends at our clinic .

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Dr. Shams Scheik
Juventas Clinic
Medical Director

We have worked with other agencies but we found Placidway team to be the most professional and result oriented. Patients co-coordinators Damiana and Ramona are very helpful. We highly recommend Placidway team

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