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6 Effective Ways to Brand Your Medical Tourism Company

In the rapidly growing medical tourism industry, healthcare providers must adapt to a global marketplace mindset in order to bring consumers to their door. Having a world-class facility staffed with highly skilled professionals is merely the beginning. How do you convert a curious inquiry into a paying customer? The foundation is in your brand.

PlacidWay is pleased to make available to you our proprietary white paper, “6 Effective Ways to Brand Your Company on the Internet.” We hope you find it to be a useful tool to help you solidify your brand. It is the goal of PlacidWay to be a resource for healthcare providers—a trusted authority that you can go to and access a wealth of information, knowledge and tools. PlacidWay presents an opportunity for you to expand your business globally, providing you access to healthcare consumers around the world.

Our comprehensive health & medical tourism portal connects you to a worldwide marketplace of consumers seeking quality health care options ranging from wellness to critical care, from traditional to alternative medicine.

6 Effective Ways to Brand Your Company on the Internet

These days, no company can afford to take their brand for granted. All the elements have to come together to create, maintain, protect and successfully market your company’s identity. There are several advantages to Internet branding: it’s usually more cost-effective than traditional print/radio/tv media, increases your global visibility, helps you gain top of mindshare, differentiates your company from competitors, targets specific audiences and niches, allows for the collection of data, creates dialogue between your company and your audiences and solidifies your clients’ perception of your company’s online persona. Following are PlacidWay’s “6 Ways to Brand Your Company on the Internet.

(Note: Establishing your brand, knowing it well, reinforcing it, guarding it and applying it in a consistent manner across all of your company’s interactions are the groundwork you must lay before continuing with these six steps toward branding it online.)

1. Know your Audience/Niche

Now that you’ve done the groundwork and created your brand, you have to go to where your audience lives on the Internet. Do the research: study their habits, needs and desires. What kind of messages do they attend to? Most importantly, it’s about building those relationships and creating trust with your customers. Be authentic. Position yourself as unique amongst your competitors. Make sure that your audiences know where to go when they need your products or services. Consider advertising on other websites that your audiences frequent.

2. Utilize Social Networking

There are a plethora of social networking websites today: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. While each has its pros and cons, they are invaluable for marketing your brand and establishing a dialogue with your potential and current customers. Whichever one you choose, make sure your profile is an extension of your brand. Then use the platform to “blast” out bits of information to your clients through updates, forums, marketplaces, blogs and a calendar of events. You will always know where you stand with them, because they can comment and give you feedback at any time.

3. Integrate Your Online Marketing/Branding with Your Offline Activities

Make that advertising budget count—it’s your money. Use it to drive traffic to your website and make the sale. Tailor your campaign to the audience. Ensure that your online advertising meshes with your offline marketing efforts. Don’t skimp when it comes to a good marketing professional or ad agency. These are the people who will keep your advertising campaigns fresh and allow your brand to evolve, while keeping your brand consistent.

4. It’s ALL About the Experience

Once your customer or potential customer reaches your site, what kind of experience are they going to have? Are the website’s navigability, services and offerings in keeping with the promise and reputation of your brand? Is every piece of information they may need available at the click of a mouse? Are you prompt, professional and a true resource when answering queries or pursuing a lead?

5. Take the Driver’s Seat

Driving traffic to your website is an offline and online activity. Make sure your domain name is on everything from bricks and mortar buildings to nametags. Work every trade show, fair, convention or expo where your potential customer might show up; make sure your domain name is prominently displayed at every opportunity. Use targeted email campaigns to directly reach specific audiences. Develop and implement a public relations campaign that will garner media hits for your company, piques your audiences’ interest and sends them to your website.

6. Be Diligent about Search Engine Optimization

No Internet branding strategy is complete without search engine optimization. By carefully analyzing and strategizing the placement of keywords that appear on search engines, you can position your company’s website and brand to gain wider exposure to a broader audience. There are a myriad of professionals and companies out there whose sole purpose is to make sure your website reaches the top of the page when a search is performed on the Internet.

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