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PlacidWay unveils Human Touch | Medical Tourism

PlacidWay continues to expand its medical tourism management consulting through Human Touch, an innovative marketing strategy medical centers and hospital managers can use to penetrate the medical tourism industry.

Denver, CO, USA 26 January 2015: Mr. Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay,the leading medical tourism company in the US unveilsHuman Touch, one of its innovative and sustainable marketing strategies to provide medical centers and hospital managers the latest information they need about marketing their healthcare services abroad. Human Touch focuses on developing marketing strategies, making it a practical, innovative, and sustainable medical tourism solution.

Mr. Goel, one of the global minds in the medical tourism industry, created PlacidWay eight years ago, a company that has now become a leader in the medical tourism industry. “The Medical Tourism Global Consumer Demand” a survey they conducted last year revealed the consumer purchasing behaviors – how the consumer thinks, what they need, where do they seek information, and what is important (for them) when they travel abroad for medical care. The research has gathered information both from those who have already traveled abroad for medical care, and from the people who are considering going overseas for healthcare.

Practical Sustaintable Medical Tourism Solutions

Through the research information and the Human Touch, Mr. Goel believes that, “the medical providers serving medical tourism industry will be better prepared to handle new consumer demand amongst increasing competition.” Selecting the best medical care option, whether locally or abroad, can become a tiring and frustrating experience for every patient as every consumer is unique. Nowadays, more and more are choosing treatment abroad because they want a second opinion that hasbetter access to new technologies and treatments, and affordable prices.

These marketing strategies are built keeping in mind that for many patients, seeking medical care abroad is the last resort; therefore all the options must meet their needs and requirements.  Further, medical services are offered only by certified medical staff  in order to conduct an authorized second opinion, and create partnerships with modernized health centers offering breakthrough treatments – all these being available at lower prices.

When developing marketing strategies marked by Human Touch, PlacidWay is trying to tap the potential of the huge demand of medical tourism services, taking into account the a process of six main steps: recognizing the problem, searching information, evaluating alternatives, making a decision, purchasing to gain experience, and last consuming to evaluate product purchased. Through knowing all this steps, PlacidWay is developing practical and sustainable medical tourism solutions.

“With the increase in acceptance of globalized healthcare, the industry is about to enter the mainstream marketplace. Through the Human Touch, medical practitioners and stakeholders and can use the strategy to increase the amount of visitors and international patients to their medical centers and immerse their business in Medical Tourism world”says Goel.

About PlacidWay:

PlacidWay wants to offer practical yet innovative solutions, therefore it simplifies the medical travel search options by offering all the information needed to find accredited medical facilities, board certified physicians, latest technological medical care, prices according to specific budget, treatment packages according to personal needs and online support to help patients find the right solution for their medical needs, in one place.

With PlacidWay, the medical tourist has all the information needed, various options at hand to take a very informed decision.

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